On-Demand Threat Briefing

LockBit Takedown: Inside the Operation and its Global Impact on Ransomware

LockBit has long been recognized as one of the most formidable and active ransomware gangs, wreaking havoc on organizations worldwide. The success of Operation Cronos marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against ransomware, showcasing the resilience and efficiency of law enforcement and cyber defenders in combating this evolving threat.

Why it matters? According to CISA, in 2022, LockBit was the most deployed ransomware variant across the world. Law enforcement has successfully created a decryption tool that LockBit victims can use to unlock their encrypted files without paying ransom.

Join Recorded Future experts who will dive into:  

  • The Background: LockBit's background and history as one of the world’s most harmful ransomware gang 
  • The Takedown: Unveiling the strategies and collaborative efforts behind the takedown operation orchestrated by international law enforcement agencies 
  • The Global Impact: Understanding the broader significance of neutralizing LockBit’s operations in the fight against ransomware, and its impact on future cyber defense strategies  

Allan Liska

Senior Security Architect, Recorded Future

With more than 20 years of experience in ransomware and information security, Allan Liska has improved countless organizations’ security posture using more effective intelligence. Liska provides ransomware-related counsel and key recommendations to major global corporations and government agencies, sitting on national ransomware task forces and speaking at global conferences.

Dmitry Smilyanets

Director of Product Management, Recorded Future

As the Product Management Director at Recorded Future, Dmitry leads the development and delivery of innovative solutions for DarkWeb collections and Identity Intelligence. He have over 20 years of experience and expertise in cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyber threat intelligence (CTI), which enables me to understand the needs and challenges of our customers and partners in the public and private sectors..

Alexander Leslie

Threat Intelligence Analyst, Advanced Cybercrime & Engagements (ACE), Recorded Future

Alexander Leslie is a threat intelligence analyst with the Advanced Cybercrime & Engagements (ACE) team at Recorded Future. His research is primarily focused on the intersection of U.S. national security, Russian politics, and the Russian-language cybercriminal underground.

Maggie McDaniel

Head of Intelligence, Recorded Future

Maggie is the Head of Intelligence at Recorded Future, leading Insikt Group in delivering analyst-generated finished intelligence and high-fidelity data to the Recorded Future Platform. After over a decade-long career with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Maggie entered the cybersecurity field in 2015 at Fidelity Investments, where she had roles in Threat Intelligence and Penetration Testing. Maggie has been with Recorded Future since 2017.