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Enhancing Cyber Resilience - Lessons from 2023; Focus Areas for 2024

Throughout 2023, organizations were tasked with achieving more while using the same or fewer resources to secure their business. Amidst challenges such as escalating business disruption; the continued increase in ransomware attacks resulting in paid ransoms, public shaming, or loss of trust; sophisticated social engineering attacks elevated by AI; and an escalating focus on supply chain vulnerabilities, the demand for amplified cyber resilience is unmistakable.

Join our panel of Recorded Future experts to unpack the lessons we should take from a tumultuous 2023, and where cybersecurity executives and practitioners should focus in 2024.  

Watch the recording today to learn about:

  • Global trends shaping the 2024 cybersecurity landscape 
  • How to adhere to new compliance requirements and enhance reporting practices 
  • Investments Recorded Future is making to help organizations elevate their security defenses  

Featuring The Following Speakers

Kalpana Signh

VP, Product Marketing, Recorded Future

Kalpana is an accomplished marketing and strategy leader with 15+ years of experience working in cybersecurity, technology and management consulting across US, Australia, Singapore and India.


She currently leads product marketing for Recorded Future which includes product marketing, solution marketing, technical marketing, competitive intelligence, and industry Analyst Relations. She focuses on understanding the market, customer problems, and technology to develop impactful positioning and messaging to drive revenue growth. Prior to joining Recorded Future, Kalpana led the Customer Identity product marketing team at Okta where she helped companies accelerate digital transformation and secure their customer data through identity.

Jamie Zajac

VP, Product Management, Recorded Future

Jamie Zajac has over 10 years of experience in security and data protection roles and is currently the Vice President of Product Management for Recorded Future. Jamie holds a B.S. in Meteorology and Computer Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

Chris Holden

Chief Client Officer, Recorded Future

Chris is the Chief Client Officer at Recorded Future responsible for the company's global intelligence deployments. He founded Recorded Future's services teams as an early employee responsible for applying Recorded Future's intelligence graph to cyber threat analysis. Chris is an Ithaca College alum has been working in security and intelligence for 15+ years both as an analyst and team leader.

David Carver

Director, Assessments, Periodicals, and Executive Support, Insikt Group

David Carver is the Director for the Assessments, Periodicals, and Executive Support team in Insikt Group, which focuses on providing finished intelligence about cyber threat trends for diverse audiences. David has a background in threat intelligence analysis at iSIGHT Partners and Fireye and has experience in research on hacktivism, information operations, and trends in vulnerability exploitation.