The Threat Intelligence Buyer's Guide:

Everything You Should Know About Threat Intelligence Before You Buy

Organizations of all sizes and from nearly every industry are facing a never ending set of challenges when trying to protect their digital assets from adversaries. Because of this, the use and implementation of threat intelligence is a critical component of today’s modern security team and when used to its full potential, it is often the difference between preventing an incident from happening vs. being a victim of a cyber incident. 

As you begin the process of selecting a threat intelligence solution, you’ll want to be sure you’ve clearly defined your needs, as well as have a good understanding of a vendor’s capabilities. This short guide will pose key questions and their implications to help inform your decision on selecting a solution that delivers intelligence-driven security to help protect your organization from both known or emerging threats

The guide includes:

  • Definitions of types of threat intelligence and their value to your organization.
  • An explanation of how threat intelligence is provided by different vendors.
  • The key capabilities to look for in a solution.
  • Questions to ask vendors you are reviewing