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The Security Team’s Guide To Supply Chain Threats

Supply chain vendors are an increasingly critical component for today’s business. But there is a cost to these relationships. Relying on supply chain vendors opens your organization up to massive risk. Consider this: more than 80 percent of organizations have suffered a third-party breach in the past year. 

Despite the magnitude of risk supply chain vendors pose to an organization, most enterprises do not have a strong handle on supply chain security. Programs typically focus on preventative measures, relying on static outputs like self- reported questionnaires for protection. But our world is not static — it is changing every day. Your third parties’ attack surface evolves continuously as new infrastructure is spun up, all while threat actors continue to wage attacks.

With threats mounting, what should security teams do to ensure they’re prepared?

In this Supply Chain Threats Free Ebook, we will explore:

  • Why our current supply chain security approaches are failing to stop breaches
  • A new, pragmatic approach to managing supply chain security
  • Tips and real-world examples to make your program effective