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The Risk Business: Second Edition

What Leaders Need to Know About Intelligence and Risk-Based Security, by Levi Gundert




What’s the best approach to enterprise security? The answer is to focus on reducing risk.

In this book, Levi Gundert, chief security officer at Recorded Future, draws on his decades of experience to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity framework emphasizing risk over threats. The key is for the technical side of any organization to present intelligence to executives and other decision-makers in terms they understand: the language of risk. All operational outcomes must be framed in a clear, concrete way that tells a story of profit, loss, and risk reduction.

The second edition of The Risk Business greatly expands on these themes with updated and new chapters that include a taxonomy of the five leading types of risk impact, the importance of second-order thinking for effective intelligence assessments, the Intelligence to Risk (I2R) Pyramid, and other conceptual frameworks that will give leaders a decision advantage in a complex, quickly shifting cyber threat landscape.

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Bridges the chasm between technology and focused risk reduction.
Stuart Solomon President, Recorded Future

About the Author

Levi Gundert

Chief Security Officer, Recorded Future

Levi Gundert is Recorded Future's chief security officer, a role in which he leads the continuous effort to measurably decrease operational risk both internally and for clients. Levi has spent the past 20 years in both the public and private sectors, defending networks, arresting international criminals, and uncovering nation-state adversaries. Levi previously led senior information security functions across technology and financial enterprises. He is an author, a trusted risk advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and a prolific speaker, blogger, and columnist.