Security data isn’t hard to come by. Alerts, threat feeds, vulnerability scan data, lists of suspicious IP addresses or file hashes — the fruits of the data tree grow in abundance today. But knowing what to do with it — and how to sort the sweet from the sour — is a much more difficult task.

Our new e-book looks at five ways of using threat intelligence to get the context you need and quickly turn all that data into something you can take action on:

  1. Triage Your Alerts at Lightning Speed
  2. Instant Access to the Gory Phishing Details
  3. Laser Focus on Vulnerabilities That Matter
  4. How Bad Is This File?
  5. Intelligence Is Better Than Speed Reading

Download our e-book, “5 Ways to Supercharge Your Security With Threat Intelligence,” and read the real-world statistics that support these five use cases.

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