Discover how China's cyber threat groups aid its geopolitical aims in our webinar. Learn about Beijing's objectives and evolving cyber strategies.

It’s no secret that Beijing has ambitious plans to reposition itself as the world’s superpower — one of the keys to its success has been its ability to deploy its cyber units to conduct state-endorsed operations.

Recorded Future researchers have examined China’s core geopolitical objectives to explore how Chinese cyber threat groups have evolved to support them. Our analyses have revealed which threat actors have been particularly active, which geopolitical objectives are motivating them to carry out these cyberattacks, and what we might expect to see in the coming years.

This on-demand webinar recording covers how China’s cyber threat groups are supporting Beijing’s geopolitical objectives, and explains how Recorded Future is helping organisations tackle the evolving threat landscape. Our team also covers:

  • China’s core geopolitical objectives
  • The cyber threat actors supporting Beijing’s geopolitical objectives
  • How we can expect the geopolitical situation to evolve in the coming years
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