Stopping Ransomware in Its Tracks: Expert Insights on Proactive Threat Hunting

Ransomware gangs are targeting large enterprise organizations in search of massive payouts. Also known as "big game hunting," this type of ransomware attack is increasingly common and can be extremely disruptive to targeted organizations.

This webinar recording features Allan Liska, threat intelligence analyst at Recorded Future, as he explains how threat hunting packages that detect exploit kits and their loaders can help you stop attackers in their tracks. Viewers will explore:

  • The history and evolution of ransomware
  • The new reality of remote workforce attacks and targeted telework tools
  • How popular phishing methods like Trickbot are leveraged to launch large-scale ransomware attacks
  • The anatomy of a multi-stage attack and critical points along the cyber kill chain
  • Key indicators of an in-progress ransomware attack and how to spot one fast
  • How threat hunting packages from Recorded Future can help you stop in-progress attacks, even after the initial intrusion
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