Embracing Risk-Based Cybersecurity: A New Paradigm for Enhanced Enterprise Security

What’s the best approach to enterprise security? The prevailing consensus in the industry has generally been threat-based or compliance-based approaches. However, many organizations that use these approaches struggle to strike the right balance between technical tools and practical outcomes.

The answer is to focus on reducing risk.

In this webinar, Recorded Future’s senior vice president of global intelligence, Levi Gundert, provides an actionable roadmap for success and shares key takeaways from his newly released book, “The Risk Business: What CISOs Need to Know About Risk-Based Cybersecurity.”

Download the webinar recording now to:

  • Examine 20 plus years of security paradigms — and learn why many of them fail
  • Explore the increasing risks tied to digital transformation initiatives
  • Understand how security intelligence helps teams make better decisions based on contextual data and metrics
  • Discover a proven, comprehensive framework for cybersecurity that emphasizes risk over threats
  • Learn how to create a persistent information advantage for better security — with a focus on being profitable