Protecting the Digital Attack Surface: How to Shine a Light on Security Blind Spots

Digital transformation initiatives have resulted in assets being scattered across the internet. Often created without proper security oversight or hygiene, many internet-facing assets are left forgotten and unsecured. 

This results in security teams operating with limited visibility into their attack surface, causing delayed responses to critical vulnerabilities, a backlog of exposures to remediate, and an unclear picture of what needs to be prioritized. 

During this on-demand fireside chat, Mattheus Bittick, Attack Surface Risk Reduction Analyst for Cummins Inc., and Sam Langrock, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Recorded Future, discuss proactive strategies for protecting an expanding digital attack surface.

Key topics include:

  • How to reduce risk from vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and out-of-policy assets
  • Strategies and methodologies for protecting your digital attack surface 
  • Combining Attack Surface Management with Threat Intelligence for improved prioritization 
  • Real-world insights: how Attack Surface Management shines a light on blind spots
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Featuring The Following Speakers

Mattheus Bittick

Attack Surface Risk Reduction Analyst, Cummins Inc.

At Cummins Inc., Mattheus heads the Cybersecurity Attack Surface Risk Management program, an expanding program for identifying and mitigating external risks. He has held various roles in cybersecurity - including in cyber warfare and intelligence. Mattheus has worked in the military, public, and now in the private sector.

Sam Langrock

Senior Product Marketing Manager,
Recorded Future

Sam Langrock is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Recorded Future, where he spends his time understanding practitioner challenges and facilitating go-to-market strategy for the Payment Fraud and Attack Surface Intelligence modules. Previously, Sam worked for the Data & Services division of Mastercard.