Protect Your Attack Surface: How Intelligence Uncovers and Monitors Exposed Assets

Learn How to Detect and Monitor Your Internet-Facing Assets

Proactive attack surface management is increasingly important as organizations face an expanding threat landscape coupled with a rise in volume and sophistication of attacks. With digital assets scattered all over the internet, often spun up without proper security oversight and hygiene, and left forgotten and unsecured, organizations must ensure they have a complete understanding of their external attack surface. You can’t defend what you can’t see.

How can organizations light up their blind spots to continuously monitor and reduce their attack surface? The answer is Intelligence. To help protect your attack surface, we’ve outlined how intelligence can supercharge attack surface management.

Read this Attack Surface Protection eBook to learn how intelligence helps defend your attack surface by:

  • Discovering internet-facing assets adding undue risk to your organization
  • Analyzing exposed assets to accelerate vulnerability scanning and incident response based on asset criticality
  • Continuously monitoring your evolving attack surface to proactively strengthen the perimeter
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