As opportunistic attackers take advantage of these uncertain times, your organization is facing threats from every direction — and that’s just what’s happening right now. You also need to be prepared to defend against the threats tomorrow will bring.

Integrating intelligence across all of your people, processes, and workflows is the best way to empower your team to act quickly and confidently today — and in the future.

In this webinar, Staffan Truvé, co-founder and CTO of Recorded Future, and Christian Almstedt, CEO of Forensic Experts, outline:

  • How predictive security intelligence can help you proactively prepare for and defend against tomorrow’s threats
  • The evolving threat landscape and current attack trends based on data from the broadest set of open, closed, and technical sources
  • How to produce highly contextualized, predictive security intelligence that can help all security functions save time, money, and effort — while rapidly driving down risk
  • The practical steps for moving toward a comprehensive security strategy with intelligence at its core

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