Navigating Operational Risk with Threat Intelligence

Global complexity and instability presents security teams with unprecedented challenges. Is your team prepared with the insight and ability to take action to safeguard your organization's future? 

Watch our on-demand conversation with Geoff Brown to understand operational risks facing your organization today and learn how threat intelligence can help you stay ahead of future threats.

Discover how threat intelligence provides a crucial edge in identifying the risks that truly matter as we discuss:

  • Identifying and mitigating high-impact operational risks
  • The role of threat intelligence in modern security challenges
  • Real-life success stories and expert insights
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Featuring The Following Speakers

Geoff Brown

Vice President of Global Intelligence Platforms, Recorded Future

Geoff Brown is the Vice President of Global Intelligence Platforms at Recorded Future. He is charged with driving forward a unified impact from the company’s premiere cyber threat intelligence platform for global governments and corporations, and with gathering together an intelligence council of practitioner advisors collectively interested in a safer digital world.

Chad Knipschild

Senior Product Marketing Manager,
Recorded Future

Chad is a senior product marketing manager at Recorded Future working on intelligence-based solutions. Before joining Recorded Future, he served as a U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer with an extensive background in special operations and cyber threat intelligence.