Learn why we expect ICS/SCADA to become more tempting targets for attacks and how cyber threat intelligence can help you mitigate these threats.

Overwhelming evidence and conventional wisdom agree: ICS/SCADA systems are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. But why haven’t we seen more attacks on ICS/SCADA systems and related critical assets?

Hypothesis: ICS/SCADA attacks have not been prevalent in the past, because the motivations of threat actor steered them towards easier attack surfaces and objectives.

Prediction: Greater focus on corporate network security makes commonly used attack surfaces harder to infiltrate. As a result, vulnerable ICS/SCADA networks will be increasingly used as launching pads for attacks and network entry points.

Havex malware, first exposed in 2012, has received renewed attention due to targeted attacks against the energy sector. These attackers employed new, more sophisticated tactics to target ICS/SCADA-related networks.

In this webinar hosted by Recorded Future and featuring Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts Brian Wilson and Eddie Ferguson of Cimation, we discuss how these recent attacks support our hypothesis of rapidly rising threat actor attention to vulnerable ICS/SCADA systems.

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