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Protect Your Organization With Intelligence

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Accelerate alert triage, detect phishing links, prioritize vulnerabilities, and research emerging threats with access to real-time security intelligence.

Recorded Future Express is a free browser extension that delivers real-time intelligence via risk scores and context on IP addresses, domains, hashes, URLs, and CVEs.

With Recorded Future Express, you can instantly:

  • Prioritize SIEM alerts
  • Detect and prevent phishing 
  • Enrich IOCs anywhere
  • Jumpstart your investigations

Stop Wasting Time Gathering Intelligence Manually

Take advantage of the world’s largest commercial collection platform to do that work for you. Recorded Future collects data from the widest breadth of sources across the open, dark, and technical web. Access up-to-the-minute intelligence where you need it — right on any page you use.

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"This browser extension helps everyone on my security team accomplish more in less time — it helps narrow down the scope of what we investigate, speeds up time to judgment, and fits within our existing workflows."

Joel Scheller, Information Security Analyst, CoServ