Times of significant change amplify challenges within organizations — especially when it comes to blending business-critical operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT). Today, this pervasive question urgently demands an answer: Who is responsible for mitigating cybersecurity risk across OT systems, as they become increasingly connected as part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

Satish Gannu, chief security officer and chief technology officer digital at ABB, joins Recorded Future’s chief operating officer, Stu Solomon, for “Insider Secrets From a Front-Line CISO,” the third installment of Recorded Future’s executive dialogue series. Together, they explore the new era of remote work, and the evolving role of the CISO as IT and OT become increasingly intertwined.

With 30 plus years of cybersecurity leadership experience, Satish has witnessed the rapid adoption of IoT-enabled complex machines. He has also led large-scale convergence initiatives across processes, data, and physical systems at a multinational automation and robotics company. Watch the executive dialogue to hear Satish share his tales from the trenches and describe how OT and IT leaders can band together to tackle growing cybersecurity risks.

Watch the executive dialogue to explore:

  • Six critical steps CISOs should take to secure OT systems today
  • The rapid convergence of OT and IT and the expanding cyberattack surface
  • How to apply IT’s key learnings, from the abrupt shift to remote work/access to OT systems
  • Leadership’s role in fostering relationships, driving cooperation, and changing organizational culture to bridge the OT-IT divide
  • How embedding security intelligence into workflows transforms your decision cycles, enables you to prioritize efforts (like patching), and keeps you ahead of attacks

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