There’s much wisdom to be gained from security leaders on the front lines. Their diverse experiences can help us all understand and overcome the challenges we face today — from navigating times of significant change to hard-won lessons learned.

In this first installment of our “Clarity During Crisis” executive dialogue series, veteran cybersecurity expert and former CISO at a prominent financial services company, Adeel Saeed, shares his unique insights during a candid discussion with Recorded Future’s chief strategy officer, Stu Solomon.

Hear his powerful story of decisive leadership during the tragedy of 9/11, when the role of CISO changed forever. Adeel also describes how his security organization weathered regulatory uncertainty through the global financial crisis in 2008. Additionally, Adeel reflects on his experiences architecting a world-class cybersecurity program that protects against malware attacks, data loss and corruption, insider threats, and corporate sabotage.

Watch the on-demand recording now to explore:

  • Ways to retain programmatic cybersecurity hygiene in the face of threats
  • How to create a security intelligence strategy across program initiatives and decisions — and maintain its integrity through change
  • Steps for conducting a security program post-mortem to drive continuous improvement
  • Methods for assessing program resiliency and success with meaningful metrics

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