CISO Office Hour

Beyond the Perimeter: Modern Vulnerability Management for a Growing Attack Surface


Vulnerability management is not glamorous, but it is one of the very few ways to be proactive in securing your organisation — its importance cannot be overstated.

This is especially the case in the ever-expanding attack surface, which demands a paradigm shift in vulnerability management. Modern strategies are necessary to navigate this dynamic environment — everything from addressing key stakeholders, to regulatory considerations, to the role of automation.

In this session of our CISO Office Hour series, Jason Steer, Chief Information Security Officer at Recorded Future, and Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO & Co-Founder at Vulcan Cyber, share insights into modernising vulnerability management and how to empower your organisation to fortify defences against evolving cyber threats.

Watch now to discover insights into:

  • Why a holistic approach to vulnerability management requires collaboration across business units.
  • Why understanding and adhering to regulatory frameworks is essential for compliance and data protection.
  • How automation can serve as a powerful tool for enhancing the efficiency of vulnerability management processes.
  • Why securing not only your organisation's tech stack, but also partner ecosystems, is critical in the interconnected digital landscape.

Featuring The Following Speakers

Jason Steer

Chief Information Security Officer, Recorded Future

Jason Steer is CISO at Recorded Future. Jason has global responsibility for ensuring the protection, integrity, and confidentiality of all customer-facing services, internal operational systems, and related information assets. He has previously held positions at a number of successful security companies, including IronPort, Veracode, and FireEye. Jason’s expert commentary has been featured in BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera, and he has worked with both the EU and UK Governments on cybersecurity strategy.

Yaniv Bar-Dayan

CEO & Co-Founder, Vulcan Cyber

Yaniv is a veteran of the IDF military intelligence 8200 unit and has led hundreds of private-sector projects helping the largest companies in the world reduce cyber risk. With his “solutions, not problems” mantra, Yaniv co-founded Vulcan Cyber to help security teams manage the vulnerability risk lifecycle.