The Threat Intelligence Handbook, Second Edition

Moving Toward a Security Intelligence Program

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What's in the Book?

Security intelligence is a team sport — not the exclusive domain of a few elite analysts who are in the know. This latest edition of our book is your guide to integrating intelligence across your entire security organization.

Now with a new foreword, introduction, conclusion, and three entirely new chapters, this edition covers everything you need to know to move toward a security intelligence program.

Graduation Cap
Learn Best Practices

Gain an understanding of what threat intelligence is — and what it isn’t — with definitions of the threat intelligence lifecycle and examples of different sources.
Examine Use Cases

Learn how others apply intelligence across security operations, incident response, vulnerability management, and security leadership functions.
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Develop Your Program

Use our guide for intelligence goals so you can quickly develop an effective core intelligence team and begin adopting the security intelligence philosophy.
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Intelligence can spearhead a highly proactive security strategy when it can be consumed by the teams and technology able to make the best use of it.

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 (NEW) About Intelligence
Chapter 2 The Intelligence Lifecycle
Chapter 3 For Security Operations
Chapter 4 For Incident Response
Chapter 5 For Vulnerability Management
Chapter 6 For Security Leaders
Chapter 7 For Risk Analysis
Chapter 8 For Fraud Prevention
Chapter 9 (NEW) For Reducing Third-Party Risk
Chapter 10 (NEW) For Protecting Your Brand
Chapter 11 Analytical Frameworks
Chapter 12 Your Journey
Chapter 13 Develop Your Core Team
Chapter 14 (NEW) Adopting Security Intelligence