The Security Intelligence Handbook, Third Edition

How To Disrupt Adversaries and Reduce Risk With Security Intelligence


What's in the Book?

Security intelligence is the most powerful weapon defenders have against their adversaries.

The latest edition of our popular book paints a clear picture of security intelligence, as well as actionable guidance for disrupting the threat actors targeting your organization right now — and in the future.

“The Security Intelligence Handbook” is your definitive guide for proactive risk reduction. This edition has been updated to include a new foreword about the unprecedented state of cyber and physical security, a sharpened focus on six critical security functions, an expanded discussion of security intelligence’s applications for specific teams, and a new conclusion that explores the results you may achieve with security intelligence.

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Unlock Value

Understand how security intelligence disrupts adversaries and amplifies the effectiveness of all security teams.
Examine Use Cases

Learn how to apply security intelligence across your entire organization to defend your data, systems, facilities, and bottom line.
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Develop Your Program

Clarify your security needs, build a winning team, and quickly launch or scale your program to sharpen your intelligence edge.
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“You must focus on disrupting the adversaries most likely to target you — and make their lives as challenging as possible. Security intelligence is the most effective way to do this.”

Christopher Ahlberg, Ph.D.,

CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 What Is Security Intelligence
Chapter 9 Third-Party Intelligence
Chapter 2 Types and Sources
Chapter 10 Brand Intelligence
Chapter 3 The Security Intelligence Lifecycle
Chapter 11 Geopolitical Intelligence
Chapter 4 SecOps Intelligence: Triage
Chapter 12 Security Intelligence for Leaders
Chapter 5 SecOps Intelligence: Response
Chapter 13 Analytical Frameworks for Security
Chapter 6 Vulnerability Intelligence
Chapter 14 Your Security Intelligence Journey
Chapter 7 Threat Intelligence: Attackers
Chapter 15 Your Core Security Intelligence Team
Chapter 8 Threat Intelligence: Risk Analysis