CISO Office Hour

Combatting AI With AI: Elevate Your Security Defenses With AI-Driven Intelligence


The expanding threat landscape brings more complexity to security teams, and the amount of data organisations must process and analyse is growing exponentially. To keep up, it’s becoming more critical to use technology to automate basic tasks and allow analysts to do the work they're good at: analysis.

This is where the power of AI can drastically help. Listen in to this live, interactive discussion hosted by two distinguished experts in the field of artificial intelligence, Staffan Truvé, Chief Technology Officer at Recorded Future, and Daniel Gillblad, Chief of AI at Recorded Future, where they explore the dynamic landscape of AI and its profound implications for threat intelligence.

Topics covered include:

  • AI Now and in the Near Future: Implications for Threat Intelligence: Analyse the role of AI today and its potential future applications, discover the challenges and opportunities AI presents for both defenders and threat actors.

  • The Rise of Generative AI: Impact on Threat Actors and Threat Intelligence: Examine the consequences of this emerging technology in the threat intelligence arena and explore how generative AI is reshaping the threat landscape.

  • Attacking AI: Building Secure AI Systems: Delve into the strategies and best practices for creating robust, secure AI systems that can withstand adversarial attacks and protect critical data.

  • Autonomy in Threat Intelligence: Vigilant Systems Combating Threats at Scale: Learn how you can help your organisation solve the need for automated and proactive threat detection and response.


Featuring The Following Speakers

Staffan Truvé

Chief Technology Officer, Recorded Future

Staffan Truvé is co-founder and CTO of Recorded Future. Previously he was CEO of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Interactive Institute. Staffan has co-founded more than a dozen high tech start-up. He holds a PhD in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from Göteborg University. He has been a FulbrightScholar at MIT. His research interests include artificial intelligence and information visualization. Staffan is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Daniel Gillblad

Chief of AI, Recorded Future

Daniel Gillblad is Chief of AI at Recorded Future, with a background in AI research, development, and strategy. Most recently, Daniel held the positions of Director of the Chalmers AI Research Centre at Chalmers University and co-Director for Scientific Vision at AI Sweden, the Swedish National AI Centre. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, and is looking forward to being part of building the next generation of AI Enabled Intelligence and Automation.