The Recorded Future® Platform has a lot of quick, easy-to-use features that you can derive value from — Intelligence Cards, the Browser Extension, Threat Views, and Intelligence Goals, to name a few. However, there is one powerhouse tool that frequently gets overlooked by those who assume that only these features provide the full picture.

The Advanced Query Builder is a sophisticated searching and filtering tool that goes far beyond the capabilities of a basic search, enabling you to find detailed answers to your most specific questions for investigative or advanced threat research.

During this webinar, Recorded Future product trainer Mike Passaro takes a deep dive into the Advanced Query Builder’s functionality and demonstrates how to:

  • Focus queries using event types:
    • Cyberattack: How to find cyberattacks targeting your industry (plus quick visualization)
    • Cyber Exploit: How to find cyber exploits affecting specific products
    • Credential Leak: Explanation of the event type (pre-built sourcing) and how to focus results using a domain
  • Use the author field to find usernames across dark web special access and underground forums

Mike also covers two typosquat queries — simple variations and longer variations — and explores special sources that are harder to find if you don’t know what to look for (such as Telegram groups, dark web services, and RAT controllers).

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